Spa Treatments

Stillwater Body Massage
25 minutes - $75 / 50 minutes - $115 / 80 minutes - $175
A unique massage experience, improving circulation and flexibility while relieving tension and promoting overall relaxation.

Raindrop Aromatherapy Massage
50 minutes - $125 / 80 minutes - $175
This ancient practice combines the power of pure essential oils with a specialized massage drawn from the traditions of both East and West, concentrating on the scalp, face, neck and shoulders, back and feet. During the massage, spinal pressure, muscular release, lymphatic drainage and foot reflex techniques work to target the nervous system, affecting every organ and structure of the body. Essential oils are absorbed through the skin, working at a physical level, while the aromatic effects of each blend balance the mind and emotions.

Stone Massage
50 minutes - $125 / 80 minutes - $175
Smooth warm basalt stones massage the body, heating up the muscles. This ancient healing therapy has been practiced for centuries in North American and Chinese cultures, melting tension and promoting total relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage
50 minutes - $125 / 80 minutes - $215
Your therapist will focus on problem areas using a variety of techniques. Movements are directed at the deeper tissues of the body to increase flexibility, circulation and enhance the natural recovery process.

The Ultimate Massage
110 minutes - $300
Stone techniques and Swedish massage combine for this unique therapy, exclusive to the Stillwater Spa. Your therapist will use warm basalt stones and their own hands-on massage skills to relax your muscles and your mind. If you have never experienced warm stones and warm hands, you are in for the ultimate massage.

50 minutes - $125
Reiki is based on an ancient Tibetan healing system that uses a gentle hands-on technique. Reiki promotes stress reduction, pain relief, and facilitates healing while restoring the body to a state of calm and balance.

Stillwater Foot Massage
25 minutes - $75
Drift into deep relaxation while your therapist massages the feet using thumb and finger pressure, encouraging the natural healing process.

PDA Hand Massage
25 minutes - $80
This massage incorporates a host of acupressure techniques designed to relieve stress and tension due to rigorous typing and texting. The deep therapeutic massage focuses on counteracting tension on various hand and arm muscles, specifically in the thumbs and overworked wrists. Complimentary Blackberry Balm for at home use. Aromatherapy can be added to any massage for $5.

Prenatal Massage
50 minutes - $130
Smooth rhythmic strokes stimulate circulation and relax muscles strained from stress and tension on the body. (Not performed during the first trimester)

Seasonal Outdoor Massages
Relax away from our private spa deck overlooking Narragansett Bay.
(please call for availability and pricing)